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I really loved writing this book, and not just because I got to write about Boston in the summer – which is great. Here's a little about the book: What happens when a Boston-based financial whiz decides to take her penchant for asset management to the next level by setting out to do for relationships what Morningstar did for mutual funds, creating a secret underground society where women share information on the riskiest investment of all – men? It's better than insider trading, it's INSIDER DATING.

24 fabulous writers tell how they learned EVERYTHING I NEEDED TO KNOW…
EVERYTHING I NEEDED TO KNOW ABOUT BEING A GIRL I LEARNED FROM JUDY BLUME is out and getting wonderful reviews. Booklist calls the essays “Striking... funny, poignant and reverential.” Publishers Weekly said the essays are “A series of personal truths.” Library Journal thought the essays were “Substantive and thoughtful.” And then there’s People Magazine, who summed it up by claiming, “Fun tributes to a beloved role model."

Well, it's time for another teen book! THE BOOK OF LUKE is out and ready to be snapped off the shelves – doesn't the cover just scream You can buy it here. And check out the web site of my alter ego at www.jennyoconnell.com.

The Divorced Girls’ Society: Welcome to the Club
I wrote this with my best friend, who just finished going through a divorce. We laughed more writing this book than I ever thought possible. Even now, as we read through it to see if it still makes sense, we’re still cracking up. If you have a friend who is getting divorced, or you’re in the thick of it yourself, this book will give you a no-holds-barred peek into the sometimes grueling, sometimes absurd, divorce process. And, hopefully, help you smile in the end.

The Martha Vineyard Summer Series Comes out Summer 2008
Looks like Jenny O’Connell will live on. My new Martha’s Vineyard Summer series for teens will be out next summer. I got to do a bunch of research on the Vineyard to brush up on the island and what it’s like to be a teen there during the summer (tough job but somebody’s got to do it ).